Safety First! Ensuring Quality Dentistry during the C-19 Pandemic

Safety First has always been a  cultural precept at Dentotsav.

As a quality conscious healthcare provider, it is also one of our foremost duties to ensure that all our patients are treated in a clean and hygienic environment. This is not as a mere statement of intent but is in fact a matter of our Core Belief, that ensuring that our large family of doctors and staff always have a safe environment to practice the art of providing Quality Dental Care.

To learn more about Sterilization and Hygiene practices at Dentotsav, please click here.

C-19 pandemic has challenged health professions and systems and has evoked different speeds of reaction and types of response around the world. The role of dental professionals in preventing the transmission of C-19 is critically important. While all routine dental care has been suspended in countries experiencing C-19 disease during the period of pandemic, the need for organized urgent care delivered by teams empowered with appropriate equipment and techniques takes priority.

Team Dentotsav is proud to have raised the bar when it comes to providing world class quality dental care during the unprecedented tough scenario our society is faced with during the C-19 pandemic.

Dentotsav Covid Response Timeline

Luckily these early actions allowed our team to continue serving the community throughout all the Lockdowns since Mar’20, albeit in a much reduced and careful capacity.

As the pandemic continues to rage across our lives, with your continued cooperation and good wishes, Dentotsav continues to be available for all emergency treatments despite working with a greatly reduced staff and low and slow availability of regular dental and laboratory materials.