Ten Unique Benefits @dentotsav

  • Hi-Tech Dentistry
    Advanced smile makeovers, full mouth dental implants, painless root canals, Zirconia and CAD CAM crowns, laser dentistry, invisible braces – we offer our patients the absolute best and latest in dental technology. At Dentotsav Dental Clinics, we have our own in house, state-of-the-art, digital oral X-ray machine, which ensures flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Certified & Awarded Expertise
    Each of our specialist dentists has received advanced training from the best in their fields. Our team is stringently hand picked out of the numerous applications we receive each year. This has ensured that 100% of our specialist dentists are either Gold Medalists or are having numerous academic and professional awards recognizing their prowess in their respective fields. This ensures that at Dentotsav Dental Clinics, you will always be in the best of hands.
  • Highly Rated in Patient Reviews
    At Dentotsav, we always learn a lot from your feedback. Specialist Dentists at Dentotsav Dental Clinics enjoy a tremendous average of 98% positive feedback from their patients. To assure our patients of this amazing claim, we have outsourced most of our feedback collection and management systems to a third party. All patient feedback is collected online by third party software and each feedback is verified by the said third party with each patient before being published online. We encourage all our patients to kindly take a couple of minutes of their time to share their valuable and honest feedback with us.
  • Super Specialization
    With it’s continuous advancement, dentistry too has developed many super specializations. Unlike an individual dentist’s practice in which one dental professional usually has to act as a jack-of-all specialties, at Dentotsav Dental Clinics we have super specialist dentists across every dental field. This seeks to ensure that at Dentotsav, you will always be in the most qualified and the best of hands.
  • Globally Sourced Materials
    All materials used in Dentotsav Dental Clinic are sourced with the single objective – Meeting the highest possible quality standards in the world. This makes us seek out the very best manufacturers of all materials we use, irrespective of where in the world they may be situated. Apart from India, most of our dental materials are imported from over 14 different countries including from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, France, etc. They are the same materials used in any top practice across the world. We do not use any sub standard materials, which unfairly seem to bring down the initial costs for the patient, whereas they only increase the overall cost to their health and wellbeing.
  • Long Term Warranties
    At Dentotsav Dental Clinics, we know our work is unparalleled. Therefore, we have no hesitation in offering genuine warranties of up to 20 years in most of our work, and even money back warranties in certain cases. We are proud to be the only clinic in Kolkata offering such warranties! : )

  • World Class Sterilization
    Dentotsav Dental Clinics follow strict and stringent sterilization protocols. Since we are an internationally certified setup, all protocols are seriously implemented and rigorously monitored. We take deep pride in our sterilization procedures, which we continue to regularly evaluate and improve upon. Every dentist and every other support staff at Dentotsav Dental Clinics also undergo periodic mandatory refresher courses in best sterilization practices and protocols.
  • Digital Clinic
    Dentotsav Dental Clinic is a fully digital clinic, offering online appointments, e-billing, e-payments, etc. Even our patient records are maintained digitally. Our advanced state-of-the-art dental X-rays protect our patients by  producing 70% less harmful ionizing radiation than the conventional X-rays, all the while ensuring that the X-ray image produced is clearer, sharper and more detailed, thus enabling your Dentotsav dental specialist to offer more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The need for environmentally harmful X-ray film is also eliminated as our dental X-rays are 100% digitally processed.
  • Green Clinic
    Dentotsav Dental Clinic is an environmentally conscious and a fully digital modern oral care clinic. Our patient centric philosophy ensures that we do not offer any mercury based amalgam fillings, which while being relatively cheaper have been shown to have a high long-term healthcare cost in many cases. While being a Merfury Free Clinic, we have also eliminated the use of plastic X-ray films and reduced paper usage drastically by embracing digital technology solutions.
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